The access to justice problem means that it is no longer good enough for lawyers and legal service providers to delegate work to assistants and associates.  If we are to make quality legal services affordable for everyone, we must learn to delegate the work of providing legal services to automated technologies.

Round Table Law can advise or consult with your company, law firm, or legal services organization on the development of technologies for automating the practice of law, and the delivery of legal advice.

Expert System Development

Round Table Law can also provide services in the encoding of legal knowledge into expert system and document automation tools including Neota Logic, Oracle Policy Modelling, and Docassemble, or provide legal reviews on the accuracy of encoded legal knowledge.

Document Automation for Lawyers

We are currently developing client-facing document automation solutions for law firms in Alberta, which will allow law firms to generate estate planning documents under a lawyer’s supervision, but with the majority of the interview and data entry process done in a secure online portal by your client.  If you are a law-firm in Alberta and would be interested in beta testing those services, let us know.

Computational Legal Analysis of Contracts, Statute, Regulations

a legal rule written in a programming langauge

Round Table Law has experience using declarative programming languages to encode the provisions of a law or contract. This provides several benefits.

First, the process of encoding a set of rules makes it very obvious where the rules are incomplete, contradictory, or otherwise logically flawed.  The increased demands of the formal languages can shine a light on things which were not obvious and improve the drafting of the rules.

Second, once a set of rules has been encoded, it is possible to automatically test that set of rules against a large number of fact scenarios very quickly, allowing for a depth of quality assurance on legal rules that has not been possible before.

Third, once a set of rules has been encoded, those rules can become a large part of the source code for other software projects such as expert systems that answer questions using those rules, significantly reducing the cost of developing and maintaining software tools to automate the answers to common questions.

If you are responsible for maintaining or writing a complex set of rules, and you are concerned about the unforeseen circumstances of making changes to those rules, contact us.

Smart Contracts – Coming Soon

We are also closely monitoring the development of software tools for the creation of smart contracts, and hope to be able to offer services developing, modifying, and advising on the meaning of smart contracts in the near future.