Photo of Carolyn GroganI’m very pleased to announce that Round Table Law will be expanding its ranks on April 4.  Carolyn Grogan has agreed to join as an Articling Student.

I think that must make Carolyn the first articling student at a virtual law firm in the history of Alberta. If she’s not the first, she would have to be in the first few. Improvements in technology and recent changes to the requirements placed on an articling program by the Law Society of Alberta mean it is very unlikely that this sort of arrangement could have existed before.

What makes being a virtual articling student different?

Carolyn will be operating primarily out of her own home, but like me can operate anywhere she has an internet connection. We will be in constant contact and collaboration, but through the cloud, not in person.  She will have complete access to all of Round Table Law’s resources, because Round Table Law is 100% cloud based.

But more than just being virtual, Carolyn’s articles will be outside of the usual in another way.

Round Table Law exists to prove and share the experience of working as a solo practitioner in a low overhead, low volume, technology centred practice of law. The idea is to provide greater access to the practice of law for Alberta lawyers, and in turn provide greater access to justice for Albertans.

Staying true to that mission means that Carolyn’s articles will not be geared toward just learning to be a lawyer at Round Table Law. They will be geared toward learning to be an independent lawyer, with the skills, confidence, knowledge, and support to go it alone.  Then, and only then, can I feel good about trying to convince her to stay.

Having never acted as a principal to an articling student before, it will be a very new experience for both of us, and there will be challenges along the way. But I look forward to learning with Carolyn over the term of her articles, and to witnessing the contribution she makes to our profession in the future.

Carolyn wants to use her legal education to help people struggling with family law issues. If you or someone you know needs that sort of help, send them her way.

Welcome to the Round Table, Carolyn.